Painting the interior of any space is one of the biggest challenges of any homeowner. Applying paint can make or break the room, but it will be a huge and worthwhile investment if done right.

To avoid the mishaps that sometimes occur with an interior painting project, we’ve put together a list of 5 easy things to keep in mind when painting inside.

tips for painting inside
  1. Have The Floor Plan In Place

A common mistake that new Toronto homeowners make, is to assume that painting can be done at any time. This however is a costly mistake! Consider the paint to be the icing on the proverbial cake. But that means that your foundation has to be correct first. Ensure that your furniture placements, electrical sockets, and light switches are in confirmed because once the interior is painted it will take a substantial amount of time and effort to revert the changes.

interior painting tips
  1. Invest In Quality Materials

Another thing to keep in mind when painting inside is to invest in quality materials. While cheap paint and brushes might seem like a good deal, but it can mean costly annual expenses on renovations and repainting, not to mention the health hazards to your family that might come with uninformed decisions. Ask your local Toronto paint supplier for expert advice on the best product for your pocket and your home.

interior painting tips
  1. Know The Right Techniques

It’s very easy to make mistakes when painting inside, but the right paint finish can save you a lot of headaches. Using flat paint in high traffic areas can lead to more stains and scuff marks showing on your walls while a satin or semi-gloss finishes are more durable.

PRO TIP: always start from the ceiling to the base of the wall to avoid unsightly drip marks.

interior painting tips
  1. Test A Small Sample Before Painting The Whole Room

Some paints do well upon first application and reflect their true colour during daylight and at night. Most wall paints however will need to have a small patch test to see if the colour changes after it has dried.

Light can also have a significant impact on the colour of paint. You may notice that one colour may be different from its original swatch after you’ve seen it under incandescent or fluorescent light, or on strong daylight versus dusk or dawn. Live with the sample for a while and make sure you are happy with the colour in all circumstances.

interior painting tips
  1. Do It Properly

Always fix up the walls first by filling in holes and sanding it down.

Never forego the primer. It’s important to apply a primer coat first to ensure a smooth finish and increase the lifespan of the paint. Also, don’t skimp on tape – use proper painter’s tape and not any ordinary masking tape! This seals the edges of the boundaries of the wall you’re painting and prevents paint bleeding.

A few last notes: if you have imperfections on the wall, wait for your wall putty to dry before applying the primer. Also allow enough time for the primer and paint to dry between coats.

 Of course, if you’d like to skip the pain of having to go through this entire process, give us a call at +1 647 694 0215.

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