Choosing the right exterior paint for your home can be a real challenge. There are so many things you have to consider that just don’t matter when you’re doing interior painting. For starters, the wrong color can negatively impact how your entire street looks. There’s also roofing, landscaping, hardscaping and weather to think about.

Follow these tips to find the perfect exterior paint for your home:

how to choose an exterior paint
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  1. Consider neighborhood guidelines

Some areas actively restrict what colors you’re allowed to paint your home, especially areas which have Homeowners Associations. Make sure you know what these guidelines are before you start painting or you might have to do it over.

  1. Consider your home’s architecture

You want the color you paint your home to fit well with the style of your home. Several paint manufacturers produce historically accurate color lines for different time periods and many paint store professionals can help you figure out what will go well with your architecture. You want to go with something similar to the historical colors.

  1. Consider the visual effect

Painting your home a brighter color will help it stand out from its surroundings, especially if your house is built well back from the street. Choosing a darker color will make your home appear to recede, even blend in with its surroundings.

  1. Pick three colors

To really make your paint job spectacular you’ll need three shades: a main color, an accent color for things like doors and shutters, and a trim color for things like window and door casings. The trim color should contrast strongly with the main color. Most paint manufacturers will have a series of preselected palettes you can look through to get a better idea what you want.

  1. Consider the material

What type of paint you get is extremely important when you’re painting the exterior of your home since it’s going to be exposed to all kinds of weather. Oil and latex paint are the two most durable types, with latex being easier to use (and less smelly). It’s also a good idea to get specialty paint for your porch; several companies sell this specific type of paint. Depending on what you have to paint you may also want to invest in some paint created specifically for metal.

Don’t forget to buy enough primer for a proper coat too; this step is much more important when you’re painting the exterior of your home.

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  1. Don’t just trust the palette

Once you’ve chosen a palette you like, buy a quart of paint and paint an inconspicuous section of your home. Give it at least a couple weeks and examine it at different times of day and in different weather conditions to see how it holds up. This is really the only way to know how good the paint is and whether or not you actually like the color—the color is often slightly different from what the palette shows.

And remember the most important thing: take your time when choosing the exterior paint for your home. You’re going to have to see it every day for a long time.

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