Yes… we think some of our competitors are damn awesome.   And we’re proud to recommend them.

Here at Greater Toronto Painters, we provide many happy homeowners each year with the perfect interior or exterior decoration for their home. Often we get enquires about the other great companies in Toronto.  Since we love our competition and want to make sure that everyone chooses a professional painter for their property, here are some of the best painters in Toronto with a solid history and reputation.

best home painters in Toronto

Home Painters Toronto: Serving Toronto and the Greater Toronto area since 1991, these guys definitely have the experience and know-how needed when it comes to delivering an awesome, professional painting job. Whether you’re after interior, exterior or commercial painting, Home Painters Toronto have been around for years and offer a wide range of reputable services.

ColourWorks Painting: These guys won the HomeStars award in 2014 for painting and interior design. ColourWorks are bringing a new type of painting service to the Toronto city area, combining professional workmanship with the colour design services that you’d usually need to hire an interior designer for. They offer design and workmanship services for every budget.

Perfect Painters: This top-rated Toronto painting company pride themselves in going the extra mile when it comes to providing customer satisfaction (just like we do). Their professional painting services cover both residential and commercial properties, and come with a one-year warranty to give you peace of mind for the future.

Peregrine Painting: Covering the Toronto and Greater Toronto areas, Peregrine Painting is a company that’s striving to be at the top of the industry, just like us at GTA Painters. They have a range of services available including interior, exterior, residential and commercial painting services, and no job is too big or too small for these guys. They take pride in every job that they complete, and you can be sure of environmental safety as they share our feelings about using Eco-friendly, low VOC paints.

Of course, we’re more than happy to help you out as well.  Give us a call at +1 647 694 0215 and we’ll set you up with a free painting estimate!

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