If you’re hoping for a flawless paint job, avoid these amateur painting mistakes.  (Of course, you could also give Greater Toronto Painters a call at  +1 647 694 0215 and skip the headaches).  

Let’s take a look at the most common painting mistakes people make.

1. They Skip Prep Time

Prep time is the difference success and failure. It is what separates DIY from professional work. Homeowners sometimes feel like jumping straight into the project, because they’re excited to see what it’ll look like. But, that’s a huge mistake. You’ve got to clean the walls, scrap off peels and cracks, apply painter’s tape, and let the patching compound to dry before you begin.

Toronto painting mistakes

2. Buying Cheap Tools

You can buy the best paint in the world, but it won’t look good without the right application tools. Good roller covers and brushes will give you enhanced coverage and save you on paint in the long run. And, the brushes will last for years if you keep them in good condition.

3. Trying to Take a Shortcut With Masking Tape Instead of Buying Real Painter’s Tape

Professional painters spend a lot of money on high-quality tape, and you should, as well. Buy a mini scraper or putty knife – not your finger – to get rid of air bubbles and super-seal the edges to stop drips and ensure clean lines.

4. Not Using Primer

Primer covers up flaws in the surface and ensures you have a smooth finish that stands the test of time. It’s all right to use paint-and-primer-in-one mixes if you previously painted over the old surface, it’s still in good condition, and it has a flat finish. However, if you’re painting over a rougher surface like plaster, concrete, glossy paint, or drywall, then use a stand-alone primer or premium mix design to cover up unpainted surfaces.

5. Flat Paint in a High-Traffic Area

Use a washable satin or semi-gloss for a high-traffic area like a laundry room or closet. But, you might choose a nice premium matte finish, too.  This is a common mistake that we see people make while trying to do their own DIY painting in Toronto.

6. Painting Over High-Gloss Painting and Not Sanding Beforehand

New paint needs some kind of texture to catch on to, so you need to gently scuff any shiny surface with sandpaper, after which you’d rinse it with clean water.

7. Dipping Your Brush Too Far Into the Paint

Just dip your paintbrush in a third of the way – you’ll get more than enough paint on your brush without wasting or pushing the paint too far into the bristles. That can be hard to clean off.

8. Painting Without Direction

You should always start by the ceiling and then slowly work your way down nice and slow. You want to get the smoothest finish possible. That allows you catch the drips as you’re painting.

toronto home painting

9. Painting On Top of Wallpaper With a Water-Based Paint

You can paint over the wallpaper, but you should be sure to use an oil-based primer beforehand. Water-based primers and paints can reactive the wallpaper glue and even lead to unsightly peeling.

10. Not Doing Cleanup

You’re going to be tired at the end of your job, so you probably just want to toss the brushes in the garage and forget about them. That’s a terrible idea. Protect your investment.

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