The Best Neighborhoods in Mississauga

Picking the right neighborhood involves a deep assessment of what that area has to offer. If you have a family, then looking for areas within the best school district is going to be important. If you are young and single, then easy access to public transportation and the downtown nightlife might be more your speed. With Mississauga, ON having more than 20-districts, there is a little bit of something for everyone.

As one of the top painters in Mississauga, we know the neighborhoods of the city in and out. We have had many jobs in these neighborhoods, so we know all the details that you can’t find in online guides.

Port Credit

Port Credit is most well-known for its picturesque lighthouse, but it is also a neighborhood designed with convenience in mind. Residents in this area are able to enjoy a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. This location also offers easy access to Toronto, has GO transportation stops, and is just a walk away from the lake front. If you are looking for the village lifestyle and close proximity to parks then Port Credit is the right choice for you. The crime rate is low here as well.


For those with a little more money in their pocket, Mineola is one of the best neighborhoods in Mississuaga. The quiet residential neighborhood is filled with luxury cottage style houses. Meanwhile the city centre and Lakeshore are just a short drive away. Most notably this suburb gives the feel of living in the country with its tree-lined roads. It is also in one of the better school districts of the area.


If you are looking for a real taste of the country then check out Meadowvale. This location is home to several of the largest GO stations in the city and has easy highway access. Meadowvale has proven to be a safe and affordable neighborhood for most families. It provides plenty of walk ability, easy access to the river, and homes built in the mid-90s. This neighborhood is also home to some of the best French language schools in the area.

Lorne Park

Another one of the best neighborhoods in Mississuaga is Lorne Park. Considered a “move up” neighborhood this area is more affordable than Port Credit. Many of the homes are custom-built and feature a quaint cottage style. For those looking for luxury housing at a more affordable price, this area provides the perfect balance.

Central Erin Mills

One of the older neighborhoods in the city is Central Erin Mills. During recent years this area has been under redevelopment. The addition of the town center and new condos have helped bring the area up. Housing in this area is highly affordable and provides the perfect combination of a modern downtown feel with the village appeal. Anyone interested in the turnkey lifestyle will enjoy new residential structures and walk ability to area businesses and shops.

Runners up to these neighborhoods include Churchill Meadows with its modern planned communities and Clarkson which is consider up and coming. At the end of the day, take into consideration all of the benefits that each of the best neighborhoods in Mississuaga has to offer to help you decide which spot will be your next home.

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